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Hey Workshoppers!
I've been taking a bit of time away from public workshops to focus on teaching Private Virtual Groups (April 2021 Calendar Just Opened!), teaching for Whole Foods + other companies while their amazing team members work from home, and developing more Patterns + Free Content for my community (you!)  to enjoy and inspire y'all to explore your unique creative lens!
I still love public workshops + will totally do them again, I'm one gal behind The Aquariust + my energy is pulling me towards creating more to give you for free + cheap right now during covid so we can stay safe + keep creating!
  • Check out my NEW! Pattern w/ Extensive Interactive Guidance Here
  • Check out new free Knot Tutorials Here!
  • Book a Live Virtual Workshop for your family, friends, + team - read on below!
Want to learn something virtually w/ your favorite buds?  Book a Private Workshop or check out DIY Kits + Patterns here to learn at your own pace!
Online Live Private Workshop Pricing!
Sliding Scale Available Upon Request!
Watch + Learn Available w/ Lower Rates, Inquire!
  • 1-3 People
    • $65 PP w/ Materials
      • $195 Minimum
    • $50 PP w/o Materials
      • $150 Minimum
  • 4-6 People
    • $60 PP w/ Materials
      • $240 Minimum
    • $50 PP w/o Materials
      • $200 Minimum
  • 7-10 People
    • $58 PP w/ Materials
      • $406 Minimum
    • $40 PP w/o Materials
      • $280 Minimum
  • Larger Group?  Email for discounted large group rates!
  • The prices listed are for beginner's projects, we can customize a curriculum + pricing model for more advanced projects, just ask! 
  • Watch + Learn Workshops available at lower rates, inquire here!
Workshop Projects!
More Projects Available Upon Request! 
Mini Macrame Ornaments + Everything!
Poms + Tassels Garlands + More
Layered Wall Hangings
Macrame Woven
Plant Hangers!
Pumpkin + Plant
Macrame Hangers
Macrame Pennant Banners
Natural Dye + Shibori!
*Watch + Learn!

Austin, Texas

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