Coralorange Macrame Plant Hanger

Coralorange Macrame Plant Hanger

  • Handwoven One-of-a-kind Coralorange Macrame Plant Hanger


  • Naked Raw Wood Beading


  • Hand Dyed + Handwoven 


  • Short Submersion Coralorange muted pigment


  • Double Gold Hooping Top Detail


  • Exaggerated Straight Wrap Weaving


  • Sisters not Twins


  • Choose Single Tier w/ Round Beading or Double Tier w/ Oval Beading, or take both sisters home for a steal


  • Choose to take home WITH or WITHOUT Custom Bowl Ceramic (No drainage hole so you can use for planter, vase, or succulents)



  • One-of-a-kind


Use Promo Code CUSTOMCOMMERCE10 for $10 off if your resources have been affected by COVID but you still want to join in on the fun



    Austin, Texas

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