Avocado Dyed Shelf + Plant Hanger


This piece is handwoven with love from our primary artist, Bethany Jane


The fibers are dyed with 100% avocado


The beads are dyed with black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, + chai


This piece:


  • Holds a custom ceramic Moonstone pot, made in collaboration by Bethanys wife, Alyssa, from Golden Day Ceramics, in a custom woven suspension 


  • Hangs approx 64” long


  • Features local woodwork


  • Features 4 Hand Dyed Cardamom Beads 


  • Has a long gorgeous fringe tail 


  • Features a gold accent hoop to hang 


  • Is one of a kind


This listing is for ONE Shelf Plant Hanger Combination


Image 1 features this hanger

Image 2 features this hanger

Image 3 features this hanger on the right



    Austin, Texas

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