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Hanging Your Macrame


Congratulations + thank you for bringing a piece of The Aquariust into your space, we are grateful to be a part of your day

Where to hang your piece + what to put on it is part of the fun, share with us what you decorate your piece with here!


For Shelving + Macrame Plant Hangers, you want to install into either a stud or use a drywall anchor, drywall anchors are super cheap + easy to use + give you the options of hanging your piece EXACTLY where you want.  You an get drywall anchors at any hardware store or online


For plant hangers you can use simple hooks like these (for lighter plants) or these (for heavier plants) to hang from the ceiling.  Remember to take into account the weight of your plant to determine what size hook to use! 


If you want to hang your plant hanger from your wall check out these cuties for smaller plants + this for larger plants!


You can also hang your plant hanger off of your curtain rod or shower rod, hooks be damned!  I like to use no-install S Hooks to hang from things I need to loop around, my favorites are these simple ones + these rose gold babes, which are also great to use for your own macrame-making practice!



For shelving, you can hang either from the ceiling or from the wall, remember to use 

a stud or an anchor of course

If you want to hang your shelf from the wall, which is a great option so that you can hang it at whatever height you would like (like next to your sofa as your side table, or at the perfect height for your coffee cup), use hooks like these, or these!


Hanging from the ceiling, these are good hooks to use.  If you want to hang from the ceiling but want to your shelf to hang lower, use a chain from any hardware store w/ an S Hook!

**None of these are affiliate or sponsored links, these are just suggestions + ideas to help you get your piece up in your space!  Always exercise caution + intention when installing.  Take these ideas + run with them, these are just suggestions!**

There is little that brings us more joy than to see what a little piece of our Aquariust hearts out in the wild, please share + stay in touch, all the best + you are creative + wonderful.

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