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Designed + Practiced by The Aquariust

Designed to reflect the changes in resources due to COVID-19 + beyond

Designed to continue offering accessible + inclusive art + artful practice

Art is still accessible to you, let's make some


  • If you want to learn creative practice with The Aquariust or Aquariust Goods in your home, we'll do our best to customize your commerce experience


  • The main intention behind The Aquariust, besides making + sharing art + artful practice, is to challenge faulty beliefs that art + creativity are only accessible to the traditionally educated + the financially few

  • I grew up in a difficult poverty environment + in fight flight + freeze from years of trauma, which prevented me from being able to explore art + myself that I wanted so badly to understand + share. Always working multiple jobs + perpetuating the survival mentality, The Aquariust was intended as a tangible project to fully encompass a real-life handmade "challenging" of the limiting beliefs + conditioning that prevent us from empowering ourselves with our own artful exploration

  • When COVID-19 deeply threatened my + everyone's resources in such drastic + terrifying ways, after the initial shock + fear that rose back up in me, I decided to lean deeper into the intention of why I started The Aquariust + instead of thinking about how to get money to survive (an extension of my personal deeply rooted conditioning), I decided to turn my panic on it's head + offer MORE art + MORE resources when I felt I had/would have nothing - with the sole intention of amplifying the intention of accessibility, inclusivity, + empowerment thru artful exploration

  • My sourcing, distribution, shipping etc. costs have not changed in anyway, I am at this point simply offering more for less with the sole intention of reminding others that art + creativity are available to them

  • I am committed to making my Workshops Goods + Resources accessible + am open to customizing my Art + Workshops to empower my community through artful exploration 

  • Sliding Scale Promo Codes are listed for all shop items

  • "Pay in Portions" available for select Custom Orders, Advanced Workshops, + Shop Goods, available generally in 1, 2, or 3 installments - contact me to request additional installments!

  • Advanced Workshops + Private Lessons are offered for Sliding Scale + Pay in Portions - further financial assistance is absolutely available beyond these offers, just ask

  • I welcome abundance + I offer it to you 

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