September 7, 2018



Do you have to cut the mangos perfectly?  

Nope, perfection is an illusion


Is it fresh + delicious?

Hell Yes


Is it easy + can I use it for a ton of easy beautiful meals? 














BOLD - are the steps

Unbold - are thoughts, tips, tricks + feelings


1. Get a Medium/Large Bowl, Cutting Board, Knife, Ingredients 

Set up your station for success with everything you need right in front of you.

That way you don't have to trip over dogs/kids/etc. each time you grab a freaking ingredient. Take a breath before you start.  


2. Chop Mango into small square pieces by cutting mango on each side (mango tutorial coming if this still scares you...we got you...). Put in bowl

What do you mean small... (side eye)?

Like 1/2 the size of dice (like the kind you roll for Monopoly)

So,The mango has a large seed running along the center of it. Cutting around the seed + slicing the skin off are maybe the most intimidating parts.

But don't be scared, the beauty of the mango is that no matter how funky you cut it, it will taste like Paradise. Also you're perfect.



3. Chop Bell Pepper Into small squares also, put in bowl

Are you nervous about getting all the inside out + whether or not you should eat the seeds?  The seeds aren't gonna hurt you but you don't need them, do your best + I'll post a bell pepper tutorial to optimize your pepper purchase, but for now just know you are absolutely killing this whole bell pepper thing.



4. Chop 3/4 of a Red Onion into small squares 

+ put in bowl

People claim to have secrets of how not to let onions make you cry, sometimes I think they're filthy liars because literally nothing works for me + I wear a lot of eyeliner which isn't ideal for onion crying.  I've surrendered to the struggle + making sure I wash my hands frequently while I am cutting is the best "trick" I've found.  I also plan to do my makeup post-onion if I can + if I can't I make sure I have my eyeliner somewhere I can grab it easily because I fucking LOVE eyeliner ok?  Always have always will. 



5. Chop 1/2 Bushel of Cilantro into smallish pieces, put in bowl

If "smallish pieces" makes you nervous, I get that.  Just trying to encourage us to release the idea of a perfect size.  Even if you left the cilantro leaf whole that wouldn't be the worst thing, it would just be a really heavy flavor in each bite.  So think about that while you're cutting + this will start to develop your chef-intuition "Well, I should probably cut this as big as I want to taste it..." #biggercutbiggertaste #smallercutsmallertaste #yougotthisbabe



6. Cut 2 Limes each in Half, Squeeze the juice into the bowl

You can decide later after your salsa is done if you want it to be more citrusy, if so squeeze the juice of the other lime in. This is where you'll develop your taste preference because like it or not, you're a home chef + you're perfect



7. Shake a dash of salt into the bowl, just one shake

Add more later if you want, one of salt's many jobs is to elevate + highlight the flavors of your dish, but too much salt can be not-so-good for the old ticker + for dehydrating your perfect body.  Salt has a place but when I cut down my salt (saddest day), the migraines that I experience went down significantly + my dehydration improved.  But maybe I was just really overdoing it, maybe you're fine, use your intuition I trust you. 



8. Mix 

Mix it all up + watch the colors dance (dramatic but true).  Mix with a spoon or your hand or a fork or...




With a chip


With a spoon


On a Black Bean Kale Cilantro Vegan Crema Taco (Versatile Recipe Coming Soon!) 


On a Platter of Sweet Potato Black Bean Kale Cilantro Vegan Crema

(Versatile Recipe Coming Soon!)


On a Mexican Inspired Fruit Dressed Black Bean + Greens Salad

(Versatile Recipe Coming Soon!)


On Beans + Rice



On a Sweet Potato Quinoa Bowl

(Ditto, + as I'm sure you have noticed these"eat" suggestions may utilize some of the same ingredients, the idea being that once you cook + prep these easy recipes + components, you can use them multiple times throughout the week, saving you time so you can exist harder + fuller in your life while still taking care of yourself + developing your nervous home chef tendencies to a maybe still nervous home chef with lots of recipes + colors to share)


This is what she looks like before we mix her -  if we have a touch of the OCD or are trying to keep up with the current illusion on social media of alwaysgorgeousflawless cooking, which makes fun + pretty pictures and I am all for it, as long as

we understand + hold the truth close to us that this is just for show, just for art, just for ritual, + is sometimes very fun to do when we cook but is not what is expected of us unless it's what we want to do for US (not because we think it is what is

expected of us) + have ample time to do it for fun beautiful art ritual purposes .  As long as we can hold the truth we can enjoy the beauty for what it is + release expectation to enjoy. This photo is edited in Lightroom to make it pop from an

iPhone picture, the tray is from Target, the fruit + vegetable magic is from our ultimate BFF  (Earth, duh)


Look at the Colors 

Marvel at the Marvelous

Nature is Vibrant Magic

So Are You






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